SMA Solar inverter Tripower 3.0

SMA Solar inverter Tripower 3.0

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Buy your SMA Solar inverter Tripower 3.0 at the lowest price – online only. The new Tripower range expands its power range. You also benefit from a double tracker inverter with 3 kW of power. These 2 trackers (2 independent inputs connected to each other) allow you to position your solar panels on 2 different roofs.

The SMA Solar inverter Tripower 3.0 is ideal for residential self-consumption with battery storage. SMA is known for its after sales service. They exchange your failed inverter (as part of the warranty) within 1 to 3 days. All SMA inverters are INTERNATIONAL versions, ready to be installed. The standard warranty is 5 years.

Consumable supplies management: Connect your SMA Solar inverter Tripower 3.0 to your SMA inverter using the Smart Plug (available as an accessory for this product) to monitor and track your power consumption directly on the Sunny Portal SMA platform.

Connection with SMA Storage + optimizers: The SMA Tripower 3.0 inverter can be connected to your SMA SunnyBoy Storage and its lithium batteries in order to realize residential self-consumption with storage. All technical data about the inverter + batteries is sent directly to the Sunny Portal. In addition, this inverter integrates TS4-R optimizer management to optimize your solar production.

Webconnected by Wifi: the SMA Tripower 3.0 power inverter gathers all the performance data and sends it to the Sunny homepage. You only need an internet connection, no extra accessory is needed.

2 independent trackers: Tripower’s two independent inputs allow you to install solar panels in 2 different locations (e.g. the east and west sides of a roof) The performance of the system is optimum as the SMA power inverter seeks the best output possible from each input.

Three-phase inverter: The SMA Tripower is a three phase inverter.


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